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Red fire ant bite natural home remedies

Ant Bite Home Remedies

Living in Florida definitely has its benefits. Warm weather, ocean water and thousands of nature trails are just some of the many great things about living in Florida. Other creatures like Florida as much as we do. The red fire ant is no exception.

The red ant is an invasive species from Brazil. The red fire ant is a territorial species of tiny insect that bites any and all creatures that it comes into contact with. It uses it poisonous bite to kill prey, to defeat enemy ants from other colonies and to fend off larger animals which encroach on its territory.

If you find yourself to be the unlucky recipient of a red ant bite, try using these proven home remedies to treat the bite and hopefully lessen then pain.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar – This substance has made a comeback as a widely used product in recent years. It has been used for everything from cleaning countertops to indigestion to daily maintenance of heart health. You can also mix it with a little water and apply to ant bites for pain relief.
  2. Lemon Juice – Apply directly to the bites to help stifle pain. Its a natural anti-inflammatory and can really help reduce pain and swelling associated with ant bites.
  3. Baking Soda – This substance has neutralizing properties that some people have found useful when applying to bug bites of all varieties.
  4. Toothpaste – Applying a small bit of toothpaste to a fresh ant bite may help with the itching associated with the bite. It also helps to serve as a barrier to help prevent scratching.
  5. Salt – You’ve often heard the phrase “like pouring salt in the wound” and that is equated with something bad. In this case it is a good thing. Salt is thought to help ant bites by disrupting pain signals.

We hope that if you try any of these home remedies that they work for you. There are also several over the counter meds you can buy to help.

Please remember if you  have a red ant problem around your home, a good pest control company is right around the corner.

19 Nov

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