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Ant Control in Your Brevard County, FL Home

Do you have a fire ant problem? Florida is known to have this pest inside and out of Florida residential homes. These little pests can cause a real problem not only to your health but to your items.

Where Do the Ants Live?

Fire ants make mounds typically. There is no direct entrance to the hive they make, instead they have several entrances around to where the mound is. This is typically where the ants can be found, but there have been many sightings of fire ants building their nest in rotting logs, under pavement, buildings and even electrical storages. Sometimes ants are the reason that the power goes out.

How Can I Get Rid of Them?

Yes, of course, there is the obvious methods of cleaning. Fire ants can only digest liquid food, the larvae can digest solid and convert it into liquid for the adult ants to utilize. What this means is if the ants find food they will leave a trail of pheromones to lead the other ants to the food or water. If you leave food out and it is discovered by an ant you can be sure there will be more.

Due to the fact it has to go back to the colony with the food, this process attracts more to follow it to feast on the thing that you left out or the ant found uncovered. So, keep everything sealed and put away if you want to lessen the chance of seeing these visitors.

I Have an Ant Problem, Now What?

Well the good news is all you have to do is kill the queen, the bad news is they protect the queen quite well. There are a number of methods you can use to from pesticides that are not recommended to using boiling water. If you know where the ant mound is, you can take a pot of boiling water and pour it down the hole the ants are appearing from. There are several tunnels they use to enter the hive, but they all will eventually lead to the hive.

This does not kill all the ants, but can greatly reduce their number and even potentially kill the queen if you are lucky. Baits are effective, but be careful to not attract other types of ants. If you have different types of ants in the area, they will help slow the spread of fire ants, so try not to diminish their numbers too much. The other option you have is treating the problem with organic pesticides. This includes options such as hydramethylnon and sulfluramid. This pesticide will make it so the ants can no longer convert food into energy, slowly killing off the population.

The most effective way to remove ants for good from your Brevard County, FL home is to contact our pest control specialists. We can ensure that everything is covered from start to finish.


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