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Are Lizards Considered Pests?

On thing that there is no shortage of in the state of Florida is lizards. The warm sub-tropical climate suits their climate needs best. Warm weather, bugs and moisture is all a lizard needs to survive. Lizards have a lineage on this planet that is well over 285+ million years.

Types of Lizards Native to Florida:

  • Florida Worm Lizard
  • Green Anole
  • Brown Anole
  • Fence Lizard
  • Florida Scrub Lizard
  • Southeastern Five-lined Skink
  • Ground Skink
  • Mole Skink
  • Sand Skink
  • Broad-headed Skink
  • Six-lined Racerunner
  • Eastern Glass Lizard

For a list of non-native lizards in Florida click here

The fact is that any animal around your home that is becoming a nuisance is considered a pest. Even though lizards eat bugs and other annoying critters they can be a pain for some homeowners. For one thing, they make a mad dash into your home when you open the door.

Inside your home the lizard doesn’t survive for long. The air is usually cooler and dryer (the way we humans prefer it) and food sources and water are scarce if you are a lizard. The problem with this is that you wil have dead lizards hidden behinds furniture and other obscure places. Dead anything attracts ants and roaches.

Getting Them Out

One article online suggests that you close all the doors in your home and spray a lizard with water until it leaves. If you live in Florida and have had to remove a lizard from your house, you know this is a futile endeavor.

The only way to really get them out is to catch them with your hands and remove them. And this is a very tedious process.


Really, the best way to prevent lizards from coming in is to make sure the seals around your doors and windows are in shape. Make sure your screen doors and screens on your windows are in good working order.

There are a bunch of other shall-I-say unproven lizard removal methods suggested online as to how to get rid of them. Of these, I say try at your own risk.

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