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Are Pest Control Chemicals Safe?

Have you noticed an increase in cancer in those around you?  It’s difficult these days to find anyone who doesn’t know someone who has had cancer or even had it themselves.  We ask ourselves why are there so many people getting diagnosed with cancer now?  Back in the last 20th century, there didn’t seem to be as many cases.  So why now?  Is it because the diagnostic tools are better?  Maybe all this cancer has always been there and no one knew why someone died.  Or maybe, just maybe, cancer is on the rise due to chemicals that are bombarding us in our daily lives.

Over the last 100 years, there has been the discovery of all kinds of new chemicals.  There have been additives put on our food to help preserve the shelf life.  Our foods have become genetically modified to increase production.  And chemicals have been sprayed on vegetation to eliminate crop destroying pests and insects that carry disease.  Mosquito spraying is a very popular way to control them and hopefully control mosquito driven diseases such as malaria or west Nile virus.  But at what cost to other living things?  Can we be sure these pesticides are safe?

Pest control companies that use pesticides to control insects are aware of the risks of pesticide use and operate within safe limits.  The majority of dangerous chemicals in pesticides have been banned for use.  DDT for example, has been banned for all use.  If there is the potential for harm to people or animals, the pest control company will make sure anyone near the affected area is aware and takes the necessary precautions.  Many times this means just steering clear of that area for 24 hours or so.  Playgrounds at schools are normally treated on a weekend so by the time school reopens on Monday the area is safe.  The same goes for recreational areas.

If you do have any concerns about the products used by your pest control specialist, ask them for any safety measures you might need to take.  Remember that insects and pests spread disease, so these pesticides aid in keeping those diseases in check.  Use common sense when dealing with anything you feel might have been treated.  Wash fruits and vegetables before cooking and eating.  Stay off recently treated grass.  By being aware and checking with your pest control company you can rest assured about your family’s safety.

15 Mar

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