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Are Pest Control Service Companies Safe?

When you think of using chemicals to kill insects or a company removing pests from your property, you may cringe a little inside.  Are the chemicals they use safe?  How do these treatments affect my family I work hard to protect?  Do the insects suffer?  Are the pests humanely removed?  Yes, you want them to be removed and exterminated, but you really don’t want them to suffer.  And you really don’t want your family exposed to harmful toxins.  Good news!  Pest Control companies are safe!

The Truth about Pest Control Technicians

Movies haven’t done the pest control service sector much good in terms of how technicians are portrayed.  They are portrayed as men who delight in the extermination of these creatures.  They are portrayed as out of touch with families, only focused on a ‘war against bugs’.  But the truth of the matter is that pest control is more about providing your family with peace of mind and helping you protect what you value most.

Environmentally Friendly Methods

There are many ways to comprehensively treat a business or residence while promoting environmentally friendly principles.  The most common types of solutions are repellants and regulators.

Repellants can be found in various plant material such as pyrethrum flowers.  When used in combination with other non-toxic compounds like silica gel, the exoskeletons of insects becomes damaged and they die.

Regulators are also referred to as ‘insect growth regulators’ because they use the insects own pheromones against them to disrupt their lifestyle.  They become unable to reproduce and the population declines rapidly.

When these two methods are used in conjunction with practical measures taken by the homeowner, a pest control professional can help you approach the solution from a holistic point of view.  Ensuring sanitation improvements are made and any gaps from the outside world are filled, including trimming tree limbs that may be up against your structures creating a bridge for rodents and large cockroaches.  This is known as an exclusion approach and is very instrumental in winning the real war against bugs.

Other Environmentally Friendly Approaches

Of course, if you are still uncomfortable with certain techniques used there are other options that may help with certain species:

  • Fly traps
  • Pheromone traps
  • Snap traps: while they do end the life of its victims, it is a quick and humane tactic
  • Habitat modification to naturally drive the pests away

Depending on your specific needs, there is an environmentally friendly approach to every pest control problem.  A trained professional stays on top of the latest technology and can provide a tailored approach to your unique situation with a long term relationship you can depend on to keep your family safe.

10 Nov

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