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Pigeons a pest?

Are Pigeons Considered Pests?

I think the simple answer to this question is it depends on who you ask. There is a case to be made that pigeons are pests and there is also a case to be made that they are just another bird, one among many species doing its own thing in the wild.

The reason many think that pigeons may be pests is because you can see them anywhere there are humans. And they become bold in large cities eating everything that humans drop.  Of course, a side effect of having so many pigeons close to humans is that we are forced to deal with pigeon poo. And poo of any kind is unpleasant at best and dangerous at worst.

There are over 400 million pigeons in the world. That number alone would make some people think that the pigeon is a pest. I mean, that is a lot of birds after all. But what does that make humans then, with our almost 8 billion people?

Woody Allen famously said that pigeons are “rats with wings”, most likely because he has spent his life in New York City where pigeons are virtually everywhere. Here are some fascinating facts about pigeons which may make you think that they are a little more than an aerial pest:

  • Mother and father bird both raise young and mate for life.
  • Extraordinary navigation skills. They have an internal “magnetic compass” which accomplishes this.
  • They have excellent hearing and can detect danger and storms far quicker than humans.
  • Pigeons clean themselves dogmatically. Their reputation for being dirty and spreading disease is unfounded.

Pigeons in Brevard County

Morning Dove

The Morning Dove

We have our share of pigeons too. That cooing you hear in the morning time is caused by a bird named the “morning dove”. It is also known by another name, the Carolina Pigeon. Yes, there are pigeons everywhere here. And they blend in so well and are usually very skittish of humans so we pay them little attention.

If they become a pest for your yard you can buy a decoy owl or other bird of prey and place it on your fence. These birds don’t mess around with owls because they are usually easy-pickings.

More About Pigeons

There is a list of different pigeon breeds so long that I dare not try to type them all in this article. Its better to click this link and check them out for yourself.

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