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Are There Pests in Cocoa, Florida?

Well now, that question can be answered a few ways, but regardless of whether the pests you refer to are human or otherwise, the answer is yes. We have pests in Cocoa, Florida. What you do with those pests depends on what kind of pest you are referring to. Since we are a pest control company, we deal only with the pests of the non-human kind. You can be sure, though, that when it comes to pests we know our business. You’ll be convinced when we leave your home pest-free.

Yes, we have pests here in Cocoa, Florida and we have them in Melbourne, Florida too. Of course, there are mosquitoes, but you knew that. We also, like other localities, have roaches, ants, fleas, and ticks. Of course, the variety or species of these bugs may be different to what you’re used to. For example, the German cockroach is the most prevalent in the United States and grows to be about 5/8” in size. The American cockroach, more prevalent in Florida, grows to a whopping 1 ½” in size. This is usually quite a shock for transplants from other states. It is especially disconcerting when your first encounter is when you turn on the light in your kitchen or bathroom in the middle of the night and there they are.

Another pest that transplants wonder about are the lizards. Florida has a wide variety of lizards one of which is the Gecko, familiarized by the Geico commercials. We are also the home to two varieties of anoles and the skink lizard. Yes, lizards in your home cause a problem. They climb all over your walls and leave droppings wherever they choose. No one wants this in their home. What you don’t want to do is hurt or kill the lizards. Lizards are your first defense in Florida against the insects that you don’t want in your home either. Call in a pest control specialist and get their advice. They can help you prevent the lizards from entering your home in the first place so they will stay outdoors where they can do the most good.

The bottom line is that you can do what you are able to do to keep the pest population down, but in a climate like Florida has that isn’t always enough. That’s why most people here regularly schedule an exterminator to come to their home. It just makes it so much easier.

30 Jan

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