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Termite bait vs liquid

Bait vs Liquid Termite Control

Termites are a topic which come up quite often on our blog and that is for good reason. That is because approximately 600,000 homes in the U.S. are damaged by termites every year. In 2020 alone that resulted in over $5B in damage in the United States and over $20B worldwide.

People want to protect their homes against wood-eating termites so that their home is safe and sound and also that it retains its resale value. There are two main applications that are used when trying to prevent termites from doing damage. There are baits and there are termite liquids. In this blog we explain the difference between the two.

Liquid Barrier

The first type we will discuss is the liquid termite barrier. This prevention method has been used for decades and it is effective. It is not an easy process however. First, the applicant must drill holes in the ground while also creating a trench around the home. The termite liquid is applied and any termite which crosses this barrier will be killed.

This is one protective layer and does not guarantee that a home won’t be under siege by local termite colonies. The ultimate goal would be to have your home treated and to also make sure there are no active colonies nearby. This is always easier said than done.

Bait Control

Baits are an effective treatment and their best attribute is that the termite will bring the bait back to the colony and hopefully kill the entire nest. The key is that the poison must get to the queen and then the colony will fall apart.

The problem with this method is that it can takes months to happen and that it is not 100% reliable. A pest control specialist will know exactly which type of termite control t use for your home and which method works best.

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