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Termite and Pest Maintenance

Benefits of Ongoing Pest Control

So your pest control agent has helped solve your pest problem and now you can relax. Breathe a sigh of relief because you no longer see the roaches, the ants, the snakes or whatever it was which tormented you.

The pests are gone so why continue the service right? You may be shaking your head and thinking “No!”. But trust me when I tell you that a large percentage of people will cancel their pest service once the problem has been mitigated.

Continuing pest maintenance is a good idea and for several reasons. In this article we will go over the reasons why a person should maintain their pest service even when there are no pests in sight.

Prevents Bigger More Expensive Problems

Pest control maintenance prevents the pests which do damage to your home’s structure. You don’t even know they are there but they are. And they are eating into your home’s value. Having preventative pest maintenance can literally save (or make) you many tens of thousands of dollars down the road.

An Ounce of Prevention

If you have regular pest maintenance performed at your home, you can prevent that next encounter with a giant roach in your kitchen or bathroom. You can go to sleep at night knowing that there isn’t a roach or spider crawling on your while you slumber.

Home Health

Pests leave behind tiny trails of exoskeleton particles, chemical signals, feces and a myriad of other biohazardous waste. Humans have two reactions to pest infestations: 1) allergy reaction to pest itself 2) illness inflicted by disease carried on pest.

Keeping pests out of your home is good for your health. That is a fact.

Be Protected as Weather Changes

Different seasons bring different pests. And even though this is Florida and it is warm most of the year, the cold nights and shorter daylight hours bring on a wave of pests which were different than summertime. What worked in July may not work in January. Your pest control agent knows this and knows exactly how to attack it.

Professional Service You Can Count On

Not only does our staff have decades of experience and training, but they are also on-time and thorough. You get excellent service as a standard. And unlike do-it-yourself pest plans, we never miss a treatment because we forget or because we were out of town. You get the pest treatment you need like clockwork.


02 Aug

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