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Super Termite in FL

Beware of Super Termite Spreading through Florida

Just when you think you have heard it all in the pest world, including: rats the size of cats, angry African killer bees, and poisonous toads.. now there is a new breed of termite in Florida and it is a threat.

There is a highly invasive termite nicknamed “super bug” because of its unique ability to cause damage unlike any other termite there is.  This particular new species is the offspring of two already damaging species of termite: the Asian (Coptotermes gestroi) and Formosan (Coptotermes formosanus) subterranean termite species.

The result is a termite that breaks down its food by spitting an acid on wood on which it is harvesting. The acid is so strong that it has even damaged concrete structures.

This termite is mainly found in South Florida but is making its way up the coast. It has already been found over in Tampa and logic dictates that its arrival in Brevard County is long far behind.

This batch of termite works 24 hours a day and a colony can chew up to a pound per day. It is a very damaging insect.

What You Can Do

Get your house treated by a professional pest company now. Do not wait. Schedule regular treatments for your home or you may wake up to one of the worst problems of your life.

Now is the Time

Termite breeding starts in May. This is when they start sending out the winged queens which will eventually land somewhere new and start a colony. If your home is protected, they will avoid it. It’s really that simple.

image from NPR

24 Feb

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