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birds in the attic

Birds in the Attic

You’re laying in bed. Maybe you’re reading or just enjoying the silence when you hear a scratching sound. Or you a hear a commotion that is muffled and maybe even a squawk. You study where where the sound emanated from and you realize it is in the attic. Chances are you have birds.

There are vents that allow your house to essentially breath. Heat is generated below and needs a space to escape near the roof so you will usually see a vent or small holes strategically carved into the area just below your roof. These holes usually have a screen mesh that keeps the critters out but over time they can become weakened and allow the animals to get in. One animal that loves to get into an open vent is a bird. To them it is no different that a big comfy hole at the top of an old tree.

Besides make annoying sounds throughout the day and night, birds can cause other problems. They may bring food into your attic in the form of dead animals. This attracts pests and overall makes for an unhealthy situation for the human occupants living below.

What Can You Do if You Have Birds in Your Attic?

If you are a “do-it-your-selfer” then you can use the following technique to solve your problem:

  • Stick a handle-held radio into the attic entrance and play loud music. This will startle the birds and they will fly the coup temporarily. This will give you time to act.
  • Discard the nest in the trash.
  • Clean up the area with water/bleach solution.
  • Find the hole that they have been using and staple wire mesh over it.

If you cannot do this yourself there are professional animal removers that can help you do it. Contact us and we can refer a professional. If there are is any pest infestation, please let us know and we can treat that for you as well.

12 Oct

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