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Call Pest Control for Your Snake Woes

While some people don’t mind snakes, there is a large majority that harbor the same feelings toward them as Indiana Jones, and would rather not have them around.  There are 45 species of snakes in Florida, six of them venomous.  Many of these snakes reside in Melbourne and the surrounding areas of Cocoa and Cocoa Beach.  Snakes find their way into your yard for several reasons, and can even make their way into your house, usually accidentally.  If you are uncomfortable removing snakes from your home or property, or are unsure if it’s poisonous or not, it may be time to call your local pest control company.

But Don’t Snakes Eat Rodents?

Snakes are predators, eating rodents, which makes them a very effective natural form of pest management.  For this reason, you may not mind having a snake or two in your yard.  All snakes are capable of biting, however, and while most of the snakes you’ll probably see aren’t venomous, the bite still hurts.  And if the snake is venomous, it can do a lot of damage to you, your family or your pet, leading to hospitalization or even death.

What Attracts Snakes?

You’re most likely to come across a snake in a conducive environment.  This environment includes debris and thick plant life, which provides cover from the elements as well as hiding from prey.  Snakes can hide under boards, gaps in concrete and amongst clutter.  Food is another big draw for them.

Snakes can also get into your home, even if they don’t mean to.  From your yard, they can get in through cracks in your foundation, or through imperfections in your roof (as some snakes are quite good climbers).

How to Get Rid of Snakes

There are several ways to discourage snakes from making your yard their new home.  First, clean up your yard.  Pick up clutter and trim back weeds.  Keep snakes from entering your home by fixing cracks and holes.

If you come across snakes, whether it be in your home or in your yard, and you want them gone, especially if you suspect that they are poisonous, don’t try to handle them yourself.  Instead, call in your local pest control company.  Pest management specialists are trained in how to identify the different species of snakes and the best ways to trap and relocate them, protecting you, your family and your pets from potentially dangerous bites.  These specialists can also offer you advice on how to best prevent them from returning.

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