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Pests in packaging

Check that Packaging for Unwanted Guests

In Brevard County, there are no shortages of insects and other types of pests. While they may seem to be in their element swarming outside, the sad fact is that they seem to be attracted to buildings. And, once you develop an infestation, you will find that it can be very difficult to eliminate it.

As with so many other things in life, the best defense is a good offense. You can take proactive steps to reduce the ways that insects can gain entry into your home or office building. One way to do this is to be very aware of what comes into the building.

Make Sure to Check for Hitchhikers

Everyone knows that pests gain entry to a home or office building through means such as crawling through a gap in the boards, wiggling in through a rip in the screen, or just flying in an open window or door. However, many people never even consider another common way that insects gain entry to the building: as hitchhikers in packaging.

With today’s Internet economy, virtually everyone shops online at one point or another throughout the course of a year. And, when the package arrives, they happily bring it inside without any consideration as to what may be coming in with it.

A package that is coming from a house or office building where there is an insect infestation will quite frequently have insects in it. You may never even see them, as they are very adept at hiding. But they are there, crouching under a flap or huddled under a piece of packaging. And when you set the package down and go off to do something else, they slowly venture out into your home or office building, looking for new places to live and breed. Then, before you know it and in spite of your efforts to insect-proof the entries to your building, you have an infestation.


When you get a package, consider opening it outside. If you never bring the packaging in, then all those insects that are hidden in it won’t come in, either. If you absolutely must bring the packaging in, keep an eye on it while you do, and take it outside to the trash as soon as you have emptied it.

If you live in Melbourne, Florida, you already have your hands full keeping pests out of your home or office. There is no need to give them yet another way in, so take care with those packages.

03 Oct

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