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Cold weather brings bugs indoors

Cold Snap Will Cause Bugs and Critters to Seek Warmth in Your Home

In case you haven’t heard I am here to tell you that there is a cold spell coming. Tonight, as you sleep, temperatures will begin to drop moreso than usual. At 7 am it will be 46 degrees in the Brevard County area. The high temperature on Tuesday will be 57 degrees.

All living creatures located in Florida will seek the warmest spot they can find when it gets cold. It is built into our nature. Bugs, reptiles and rodents are no different.

We get calls all the time after especially cold nights that someone has found a snake wrapped around their water heater. Or that they hears rustling in the attic. The tiny crack in your vent, the hole under the eave you’ve been putting off repairing, these are all ways for these creatures to get into your home. And once in, they may decide they like it there and stay.

What to Do

Patch all existing holes – This goes for damaged or torn screen doors or windows, eroded seals around doors, and cracks in the concrete block. If they cannot get in, you have nothing to worry about.

Spray perimeter with bug repellent – There are some light, non-toxic bug repellents on the market which you can spray around potential access points.

Have professional protection – By having a professional pest agent show up monthly, you decrease your chances of serious pest control infestation dramatically. Our guys are trained to see all the angles.

Sweep carports & remove brush – If you have some brush that has built up and you have been putting off removing it, now is as good as a time as any. Also, if you carport has a pile of leaves built up in it, this is a very attractive spot for critters looking get warm.


With the right amount of proactive measure, you can prevent serious pest infestation from taking place. Once pests get in they are much harder to get out.

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30 Nov

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