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rats in Brevard Florida

Colder Weather and Rats!

Most Central Floridians don’t mind the cool off that comes with December and January. It gets just cool enough where we welcome the return to the 70 and 80 degrees in March and April. At night it can get down close to freezing for a week or two on end. This causes all animals to seek warmer shelter so that they don’t freeze to death.

Rats are everywhere. That does not exclude Central Florida. As a matter of fact, I was going on a long walk for exercise at Wickham Park one day and I heard a commotion in the bushes. Two very large rats who were physically fighting one another spilled out onto the sidewalk. It was very entertaining to say the least.

Rats are mammals that need to stay warm. And, like us, they need protein and carbohydrate rich foods and water. So, naturally, anywhere humans dwell, rats will find habitable as well.

Rats can live in the brush or weeds in nests they build. But when it gets cold they look for warmth. Heat escaping from your house will draw them. Holes around dryer vents, in the foundation and near the roof is where they usually find entrance. Once inside they will set up shop. The rats will try to get at your food and water source. They are a menace once they take hold.

We have heard stories of people fighting their rat problems for years. They use baits and traps but since they aren’t trained pest control agents they are not able to fully eliminate the infestation.

A pest control agent will use several multiple proven tactics at once to get the root of your rat problem and expel them once and for all.

You will be able to tell you have rats when you hear them moving in the attic. You may hear them in your walls. They also leave teething marks on objects in and around your house. They will go to the bathroom wherever they see fit and this can cause real unsanitary conditions.

Now is the time of year to plug little holes around your house and make sure the screen door latches completely. In Fact, tomorrow night is supposed to get down to 50 degrees. This will be the first day where the rats get an itch to move indoors. A little effort now will prevent you having to expend a lot of effort in the near future.

14 Nov

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