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Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control

You’ve tried it all.  You’ve swatted them, stepped on them, trapped them, sprayed them, and blocked them from entering your house. But still, there they are; pests.  They are everywhere you look.  They are running over your floors, climbing your walls, in your drains and biting you.  It seems they will never be eradicated.  So what can you do now?  What are your options?

Commercial pest control may be your only answer.  And it is perhaps the only way you will succeed in finally getting rid of these pests.  Commercial pest control companies are the professionals who know just how to attack and rid your home of insects, rodents and other pests for good.

Many pest control companies specialize in certain types of pests.  Different products and techniques may only be effective on certain pests.  What gets rid of spiders may not work on cockroaches.  What works on fleas may not work on bed bugs.  And what works on insects will certainly not work on larger pests such as rodents or even reptiles.

What happens when you call a pest control company?  A representative will come to your home and inspect it for infestations and damage.  Determining what type of pest you have, the size of the infestation and the area of your home affected will determine the plan of action the company will take.  Most times, the treatment will be effective after one or two applications, but may need to be done on a regular basis after that to ensure the problem doesn’t continue.

Sometimes the treatment recommended by a commercial company may be dangerous to pets and children.  It may have chemicals that can cause illness.  When this type of treatment is required, your home may need to be vacated for a period of time while the active ingredients do their work.

Not all pests require chemicals to be removed.  Bees can be moved by calming them down with smoke and moving the bee hive.  Once the hive has been removed the bees will be gone.  Or perhaps your pest is a larger one, an alligator.  In Florida, it is not uncommon to come upon an alligator in your yard.  There are pest control specialists that deal with this danger as well.  They are professionals who are experienced in the removal of these dangerous reptiles.

No matter what type of pest you have, remember, you can get help by contacting the appropriate professional for the job.

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