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Common Household Liquid Can Help Fend Off Pests

It’s true that when annoying ants, biting insects that fly or spiders get into our house, the risk of getting bitten goes up exponentially. It is also true that not everyone feels comfortable spraying RAID or HotShot around their home, and for good reason. 

Getting close to the creature with a rolled up newspaper also increases your susceptibility of injury. The pest can often know when they are in danger and will often attack. So, what can you do?

Alcohol to the Rescue

When we mention alcohol, we aren’t suggesting you just give up on the pest problem and crack open a beer instead. We mean rubbing alcohol. If you mix 90% rubbing alcohol with 10% water into a spray bottle, it makes for a good way to kill small pests like spiders and bugs. Put in a dash of lavender soap. This helps color the liquid so that you know it’s not water in the future and accidentally spray on plants or something. It also helps break down the defense on the exoskeleton of the pest.

If you ever plan on spraying wasps nests outside your home, we suggest using the strong stuff just so long as it’s in an area that is safe from children and pets. Spray nests at night time when the wasps are sleeping and all home at the nest. 

Alcohol at Yellow Jacket Location

If you have a yellow jacket nest near your home, it is advisable that you call a professional pest control service like ours. If you are against calling a professional, there is some anecdotal evidence that you can place a bowl of water mixed with rubbing alcohol near the nest entrance at night and they will drink it and it will kill them.

Alcohol For Plant Treatment

You can reverse the mixture and put about 1 part rubbing alcohol and 7 parts water to spray on plants as a layer of protection.  Alcohol causes some insects’ protective wax to dissolve and other insects’ soft body parts to dry up, which causes them to die. Additionally, alcohol spray has a tendency to entice flying insects out of hiding, making it simpler to manage them. Spray the mixture liberally until it is saturated, making sure to cover all surfaces, including the stems, both surfaces of the leaves, and especially the leaf axils where so many pests like to hide. It is a wise idea to test on one or two plants before applying on them all. 


Although there are natural ways to repel and kill some pests, there is no replacement for regular treatment from a pest control specialist, especially in Florida. Our state has one of the highest pest populations in the United States. Sunshine, water and sustenance all make Florida the perfect environment for any burgeoning pest species. Get your home or apartment treated today.

17 Oct

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