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Dealing with Annoying Fruit Flies

There are few pests as annoying as tiny buzzing fruit flies that quickly swarm old bananas. What is most annoying about these little guys is that you can go from having next to none in your home, to a full-blown infestation in just a few days. That’s why it’s important to know how to treat your home for fruit flies, and to act quickly when you spot them in your house for the first time.

Vacuum them up

One of the quickest ways to minimize the population in your home is to take a vacuum to them. Switch your vacuum cleaner over to the hose attachment and use it to suck up all the fruit flies that you see around your home. Doing so will allow you to quickly remove them from the air around you, and then you can carry them outdoors to let them go, or to leave them to die for a couple days, depending on how soon you need your vacuum cleaner back again.

Create Traps

It’s quick and easy to make fruit fly traps that you can put around your home. Take an old jar and punch holes in the top of it using an average sized nail. You could use a peanut butter, jelly or pickle container with good results. Add a couple of inches of apple cider vinegar into the container and then pour dish soap into the solution and mix them together. This will trap any fruit flies that try to snack on the vinegar, and will hopefully cut down on your infestation quickly and conveniently.

Remove Food Sources

Fruit flies need to eat on a daily basis to keep attacking your home and being a nuisance. Take the time to remove this food source, and you won’t have as nearly as much of a problem to deal with. Soak all your dirty dishes in soapy water until you get a chance to clean them off. Put all your fruit into containers or in the fridge, and make sure that your trash is covered and taken outside as often as possible.

Fruit flies are one of the most annoying pests to have around your home, and they can be difficult to eliminate once you have a good-sized infestation. Use these tips to help you solve the problem. If you can’t take care of them yourself, or you simply don’t want to deal with the problem, you can always hire a professional to eradicate the fruit flies for you. A talented pest professional should be able to handle fruit flies without a problem, and get your home back to the way it was before you encountered them.

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