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Pest Control vs Exterminator

Difference Between Exterminator and Pest Control

The term “exterminator” is one that is widely used and basically means a person or company which specializes in neutralizing pests. You would see the term used a lot more in years past to describe basically any company which handled pest problems.

Today, pest control is used to describe a company which will work to eliminate existing pests and also specialize in treating the root cause of the pests being there in the first place. They will help you understand which pests are affecting you and how they are getting inside your home. This applies to the yard area of your home as well.

The pest control specialist uses various methods to eliminate the pest then deter them from returning. In a way, the pest control agent is there to treat the home or apartment and not the pest. Their efforts will result in the pests being gone and not coming back.

Which is Better

If you simply want to exterminate existing pests in an area and have no plans to treat it long term, you can feel free to search for an exterminator. If your goal is to treat the existing pests and prevent them from returning, you will want to search for a pest control specialist.


The pricing for the initial treatment of the two are about the same. An exterminator will charge you that price every time you call him. A pest control specialist will work with you on a budget and set up monthly or bi-monthly treatments which usually are less money than the initial treatment.


Bugs and rodents are competing for the same space as us and will always be coming into contact with humans. They don’t understand boundaries. They don’t care that your door is closed and there is a wall between you and them. Their goal is to find a way in and get at your food and water supplies. Pests view humans as competition for space and providers of food. Every morsel of food which may drop to the ground and go unnoticed by you is like a beacon for bugs.

Most people wait until they already have a pest problem to get treatment. But it is best to begin treatment right away, even on a new house. It is much easier to repel pests from an area than it is to treat ones that have already taken hold. The good news is pest control specialists like Sunstate Pest can do both.

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