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Different Variations of Cockroaches

There is more than one type of cockroach that you can find out there. In Florida, there are a handful of different types that can be seen. Many of them can live in the homes of humans, causing a lot of problems. When you find that you have a cockroach infestation, it could be from one of these types of cockroaches that are most commonly found in households throughout Central Florida.

American Cockroaches

These do not look much like the traditional cockroaches that you would see. They are thought of as a palmetto bug. They are brown and have two yellow circles on their backs. They have wings, so they’re able to fly around and can get up to 3 inches long when full grown. They usually do not go into homes much, but can sometimes go into homes to find food or water. They will go anywhere humid.

German Cockroaches

These are one of the more common types of cockroaches that are found clustered in large groups. They are light brown to black in color, depending on their age. They grow to around 15 mm in length. They do have wings, as well, but do not fly often. They prefer places that are moist and dark. They can be moved into a home through pipes, boxes or appliances brought in or anything else that they find appealing. They like to live inside, more than outside. They produce babies in abundance, which allows them to multiply extremely fast.

Asian Cockroaches

This cockroach is much like the German cockroach above. They have longer wings and prefer to fly around, rather than stay put. They also love lights. If you find these cockroaches in the home, you generally see them on light fixtures, lamps and television screens. They are usually found outside of the home, but can sometimes come inside for various reasons. They prefer areas that are shaded and moist. If there is a light in the basement of your home, they will find themselves flying inside.

If you find that you may have a cockroach infestation, speaking with a pest control company should be the first thing you do. You want to ensure that you remove the issue, while also preventing it from happening. With the help that they provide, you can feel much more confident living inside the home, without the cockroaches living with you or coming back to your home again.

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