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DIY Roaches

DIY Roach Remedies

Not everybody wants to jump on the phone and hire a professional pest control agent whenever they realize they have a roach problem. We understand this. Sometimes, they want to give it a shot on their own. They have the time and patience it takes to try roach control measures and to learn by trial and error.

We created this blog to help those wanting to try their hand at roach control. If you your efforts don’t succeed, remember that our pest control service comes with a free estimate and 10% off your first treatment.

Clean and Declutter

OK, the first step seems easy enough. And many people probably think they can skip this step. But the truth is unless you clean and declutter your home you are providing safe harbor for the very pest you are trying to eliminate. This step is a must-do.

Throw away old boxes and donate old clothes to the Goodwill. Clean junk from under furniture including your bed and coaches. A clean floor is necessary to start this process.

Use Over-the-counter Baits and Pesticides

Now, this piece of advice is tricky because many over-the-counter-pesticides can be poisonous if consumed. If you have little children or pets, you may want to really consider the type of tools you use. Roach hotels and strips are probably the safest. You won’t want to do a bunch of spraying if you have kids.

People have also dusted the corners and underneath their kitchen cabinets with diatomaceous earth. This is an all-natural powder you can buy online. It works by damaging the exoskeleton or shell of roaches. It is not known exactly how effective this treatment is but some people have claimed to have had success with it.

Testing with Glue Traps

After you have done all of your hard work and if you are pretty sure the roaches have been eliminated, you can test this by using glue traps. These small boxes lure roaches in with a scent and then they are permanently trapped inside when they come in contact with the glue. If you lay a couple of these around the house and a months time goes by without any roaches being found in them, I would say you have succeeded in your mission.


Make sure to keep your place clean and decluttered. Sweep the floor and wipe counter-tops often. Your tiny food crumbs are exactly what attracts cockroaches. If you eliminate what they are attracted to – you stand a much better chance of not being reinfected.

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