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Mole problems - How to get rid of moles

Do I Have a Mole Problem in My Yard?

It may start as an occasional small mound of dirt or a new hole that wasn’t there yesterday. You could see a small trench cave in or there could be some mysterious feces in your yard. These are signs that a mole or a family of moles has moved in. 

What Are Moles?

Moles are small mammals that live entirely underground. This is their habitat. They build networks of tunnels and feast on most anything they can find in the ground. This includes worms, grubs, larvae, and insects. They eat about 75% of their body weight each day! A 5 ounce mole can eat 50 lbs. per year. 

Why do they need to eat so much? Well, if you have ever had to dig a ditch or hole in the ground then you already know. Moving dirt which is tightly packed is hard work. And these guys do it all day long. They require a large amount of calories to be able to work underground all day long.

How They Operate

They have huge disproportionate claws that move sand and soil very efficiently. When they move through tunnels in which they have already built they can do so at a good clip. Some have likened it to swimming through the ground. 

Moles prefer moist fertile soil which is why your yard is so attractive to them.  They operate at night and early in the morning and are rarely seen by humans. They can dig as much as 18 feet of soil in a single hour. 

How to Handle a Mole Problem

If you feel like you have moles in your yard there are some steps you can take to eliminate them. There are chemical and electronic repellants you can try if you decide to go that route. Moles can be stubborn and just move away from those things without totally exiting your yard so you may need to move on to the best option, which is trapping.

Trapping moles is the most effective way to get rid of them. No permit is required for trapping moles in many states so you can give it a shot if you are so inclined. Or you can hire a specialist to remove the mole problem from your lawn. 

People with outdoor cats usually have less mole problems than people who don’t have them. Cats are nocturnal predators and they love catching moles and other small animals.

There is plenty of content online about eliminating your mole issue. You can DIY or hire a professional. The call is yours to make.


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