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Do It Yourself Approach to Ant Pest Control

Nobody wants to pay a professional when there is a task that needs to be done and you can do it yourself. In fact, for something as simple as an ant infestation that is just beginning, we actually encourage people to give it a go on their own.

If you are reading this and have had ant problems for quite a while you may want to skip the rest of the article and go straight to giving us a call at 1-800-781-PEST (7378) . Well established ant colonies usually require a professional approach to alleviate.

Two Pronged DIY Approach

When it comes to ants there are two main types of do-it-yourself baits you can buy from the store. This is because most ants will either go after sweet foods or grainy non-sweet foods.

There is a granular ant pest control you can buy and sprinkle in the corner or around your home. If you have kids or pets you may want to consider purchasing the type that in encased in a plastic “hotel” design. The ants have to actually enter the protective case to retrieve the poison. This bait is for the non-sweet consuming ant, aka the so-called “grease ant”.

The other type of bait is usually in a clear liquid form. You can add a drop of this stuff onto a small piece of cardboard and leave near the ants. They will eventually find it. If they have not started eating the bait within 24-36 hours then this means you have the “other kind” of ants. You need to buy the granular formula.

The way it works is that the ants will take a tiny portion of the food (bait) and bring it back to the colony. Here they will store it for use by the group. It won’t be long before they start eating it. The idea is that if you can kill a major portion of the group at the nest level, including the queen, then you can eradicate the colony.

If you are giving it a go on your won, buy both types of any bait and apply them around your home. You won’t be spending more than $20 on these baits combined.

Make sure to read the instructions and take any safety precautions which the packaging may recommend, like wearing gloves or other protective gear,

Call a Professional

If you are having no luck or you just want the job done right, call your local pest control agent. We can have your ant problem under control within just a couple visits. This is what we have done for over 40 years.

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