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Do-it-Yourself Extermination Versus Hiring a Professional

There are millions of people who have attempted at least one do-it-yourself project. Some people have tried more than one. Those with another knowledge on a certain topic could potentially do a lot by themselves instead of hiring contractors and other licensed professionals to do it for them. When it comes to things like pest control, some people choose to opt out of doing it themselves while others will quickly find ways of eliminating the problem.

Expense and Convenience

The expense of the project will always be cheaper when you do-it-yourself, because you are not including the price of labor for a professional. The parts you purchase may also be cheaper than the ones that a professional might use, costing less in the long run.

When it comes to convenience, this is also in your favor if you choose to do it yourself because you can do it whenever you choose whereas a professional would need to schedule their visit. However, either way you will have to make time for the pest problem to be taken care of whether it is by you or a professional.

Knowledge and Risks

Pest problems can happen to anyone, and knowing how to identify the pest may help in do-it-yourself endeavors to eliminate them. However, sometimes it takes a bit of extra knowledge by reading up on methods of extermination, which leads us to the risks. The risks are very high for many of the chemicals used. Some may not make contact with your skin, whereas others may be alright to use, but not alright to use around small children and pets. A professional will be knowledgeable regarding the pest problem and how to properly treat it safely, without putting you and your family in harm’s way.

Effectiveness and Warranties  

Pest control products that can be purchased locally should be effective on small infestations. However, when it comes to larger infestations, you may need to treat your home several times before seeing a difference in the number of pests present. There is no guarantee that the products you purchase and use will eliminate the problem completely, especially if it’s a large one. A Professional pest exterminator will be able to provide an effective solution and in the event that their visit does not solve the problem initially, many have warranties where they will come back and treat your home again, at no extra charge.

For warmer climates and places where you can find a lot of water, such as Palm Bay Florida, will have a higher amount of insect activity and possibly a larger chance of infestation. You can always opt to do-it-yourself first, but this can cause frustration as a lot of the products for pest control on the shelves do not measure up to what a professional pest exterminator can provide.

17 May

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