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Do You Have a Mouse in Your House?

Mice are a common household problem.  This isn’t because the house is dirty, but rather because it is warm, dry, safe and has a decent supply of food.  Most people find mice dirty, disgusting and might even be fearful of them (although a small percentage of the population finds the furry vermin cute).  Regardless of your opinion, mice can cause some big problems if not promptly addressed.  Where there is one mouse, there are usually dozens more, and pest control measures should be taken immediately.

How Mice Get In

Mice usually find their way into your home because they are looking for a warm, dry place to escape the central Florida rains.  They can get into your home in several different ways.  There can be holes in your foundation.  They can get in through your air conditioning system or holes that admit electrical wiring.  Mice are also adept at climbing, which means that any tree limbs that are near your house provides them access through weak spots in your roof.

Small Rodent, Big Problems

Once in your home, mice can do a significant amount of damage.  They make themselves at home quite quickly, finding their way into your cabinets and snacking on your dry goods, such as your breakfast cereal or your afternoon snack crackers.  They can gnaw through your walls and floors.  They chew your insulation carpets, furniture, bedding, clothes, books and your child’s favorite stuffed animals.  They can even chew your wires, which can lead to a severe fire hazard.

Health Risks

Not only do mice cause physical damage, they also pose some significant health risks, which makes timely pest control a necessity.  Mice carry bacteria, viruses, parasites and diseases.  They spread these contaminants throughout your home as they travel in search of food.  You can a viral infection simply from breathing in dust polluted by mouse droppings.  And while only a very small percentage of mice actually carry disease, it’s not worth putting your health or that of your family members at risk.

Get Rid of Rodents

Setting traps and sealing entrance holes in your home can help with the rodent problem, but these methods of pest management can only do so much.  Poisons are effective, but if the mice die within your walls, you are left with another problem.  These poisons can also be harmful to unsuspecting pets or curious children.  Your best bet when dealing with rodents is to call in your local Melbourne, Cocoa or Cocoa Beach pest control company.  If you’ve happened across a mouse in your house, give them a call today!

11 Oct

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