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Armadillo Pest Control

Do You Have an Armadillo Pest Problem?

The armadillo is an armor plated mammal which has found its way into Florida from out west. In many ways they are a leftover species from prehistoric days when armored animals roamed the world. The Western United States is not where they originated however. They actually made it there millions of years ago from the continent of South America. They were able to traverse the distance using the isthmus now known as the country of Panama as a bridge.

These little creatures seem pretty innocuous to humans and are quite a novelty to most of us here in Florida. But they can be a pest in your garden and when their numbers swells they can spill over into street traffic and cause accidents.

Armadillos, the word literally meaning “little armored one”, burrow holes in the ground to find grubs and other insects to eat. For the homeowner they can be quite the nuisance. They can actually burrow under concrete slabs creating a cavity underneath. The slab is then subject to caving in and causing expensive damage to the property.

Armadillo Pest Control

There are two ways you can approach armadillo pest control. You can remove its food source. This consists of having a professional lawn or pest control company treat the yard to get rid of grubs and tasty insects. The other way to remove the armadillo is to set up traps. You can then take it out into the woods and release it.

Check out the video below to find out how to trap and armadillo in a cage type trap.

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