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Don’t Let Mosquitoes Ruin Your Summer

Living in Brevard County, you doubtless know how challenging it can be to control the mosquitoes around your home. When you want to enjoy a nice Florida evening on the back deck, or spend some time working in your garden, these little pests can ruin the experience.
Yet, you can do so much more than just sigh and slap at them. Here are some things to consider when it comes to keeping these bloodsuckers at bay.

Control the Environment
First and foremost, remember that mosquitoes—like every living creature—must have a place to seek sanctuary from the elements. If you eliminate the places where they live and breed, you have taken a huge step towards reducing the mosquito population around your house.

Go around the property and check for standing water. Do you have a birdbath that isn’t used very much? Or perhaps you have a low spot in the yard where water puddles and sits for days on end? Another frequently overlooked place is discarded tires or piles of other detritus where water may pool—out of sight and out of mind to people, but very much in the sight of these buzzing pests.

Eliminate any sources of standing water, and you will go a long way towards eliminating the mosquito plague. Get rid of any piles of trash where the sun may be prevented from reaching the ground and drying things out. Don’t leave any containers that can hold water sitting around.
Another thing to consider is your lawn. In Melbourne, Florida, lawns grow thick and lush. All that nice green grass looks great, but if it’s left unattended for too long, it can present a place for mosquitoes to hide.

A long lawn means a lot of standing moisture down at ground level. Mosquitoes will thrive in such an environment, resting where it is wet and cool during the day, then emerging in the evening to make your life challenging.

Keep that lawn trimmed short. This will make sure the ground dries out faster, and provides fewer hiding spots for mosquitoes. You’ll find that their population drops off considerably, and you’ll once again be able to enjoy a quiet evening on the deck without the welts and itches that mosquitoes bring with them.

Eliminate their hiding spots, and then make sure you routinely check to eliminate any new ones. Stay on top of things, and you’ll be able to reclaim your yard.

17 Jul

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