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Electric Mosquito Countermeasures

You can’t live anywhere in Florida, or anywhere in the United States for that matter, without knowing what a mosquito is.  For Floridians, mosquitoes are a year long problem.  But their numbers really grow in the spring and summer. Other flying insects also really thrive in the summer and spring months. In this article we would like to go over various insect control methods which we have not discussed previously.

In previous articles we have discussed natural repellents such as citronella. We have also discussed various types of sprays which a person can apply to their body or the general vicinity where they will be inhabiting. And this article we would like to get a little “high tech” and discuss what electronic options exist.

mosquito trap - high endAt the top of the market and at the higher end of the price scale, are electric flying insect and mosquito traps.  This one in particular claims to cover up to a full acre of land. It is not cheap either. For around $200 this device uses lights, Heat, and carbon dioxide to attract the mosquitoes. A silent fan then draws the insect inside where they die of dehydration. This device Works without chemicals, zapping, or odors.

You can click this link to find out more about this particular trap.



indoor flying insect trapFor your indoor flying insect problems there is a special indoor flying insect trap. This trap plugs into a standard wall outlet and claims to be able to quietly eliminate mosquitoes, moths, junebugs, black flies and other pests in a room up to 300 ft.  This is not a very large area so you may need to get at least a couple of these to cover your living space.

This trap uses ultraviolet light and heat to lure the insect to the Trap, where a high-powered fan pulls them inside. Once inside the Trap? The bugs will die from dehydration.

This particular device has an 81% positive feedback rate. It is one of the newer devices on the market and if you have had trouble with indoor flying insects it may be worth a try at $55. Click here to go there now

personal mosquito protectionThis next device is pretty outstanding. It’s a combination flashlight and bug zapper. It offers personal protection for when you are camping or hanging Outdoors. You can turn it on and create your own 8-ft bubble which will keep you safe from mosquitoes.

The device uses ultraviolet light to attract mosquitoes and once they touch a hidden coil they are jolted with a low level of electricity. The amount of electricity is just enough to kill them. The cost is a little over 45 bucks.

Click here to see this device.



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