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Eradicate Termites before they Annihilate the Structure of Your Home

Relocating into a new home is a very exciting time. You are achieving the goals of many by owning your own home, and at the same time relocating into a better area for you and your family. However, sometimes moving into a new home can be added stress on the homeowner, especially if there are underlying infestations that they are unaware of.

Termites are one of the most notorious pest for escaping original inspections before houses are purchased or sold. The reason behind this is because they can hide under the home, in the ground, and the structure of the home showing no evidence of them being present, but they are there. Once the ground begins to warm up, they begin to move outside of the underground nest, coming up inside of basements and venturing into other areas of your home.

Extermination Methods for Termites

Because there can be high-costs damages associated with termite damage throughout a home, it is best to have the home inspected for termite activity before purchasing it, or moving into a new location. This can save you time and money with future remodels and replacing beams, walls, and other wood items in your home.

There are two different categories of treatment for termites and many other pest control situations. One way is a green way, which is easier on the environment and on the people living in the home. The other way, may not be as friendly to the environment, or to the air space around the treatment zone. However different, both methods have been known to work extremely well.

Going Green with Termite Eradication

There can be a few different green methods used for other pest control issues, but for termites there is a specially designed device that is placed into the ground which does not hurt the soil around it or the people who are nearby. A small station is set up in the ground outside of your home that is used to trap the termites safely. The termites will come in contact with it and many will perish. This station is checked or monitored on a regular basis by the extermination company and can prevent future infestations from occurring.

The Other Way

With the long list of chemical treatments available, some of them may be more dangerous than others. There is a treatment done for the soil around a home with liquid that is filled of poison for the termites to ingest. Although this liquid is a non-repellent and not detected by termites, they will eventually make their way through the area with the liquid. Once this has been done, they will carry the poison back to the termite colony and soon perish with other termites whom have ingested the liquid.

In climates where there are not a lot of cold spots, such as the southern states, termites may thrive. Melbourne, Florida and surrounding areas are at constant risk for termites to thrive on your home’s structure. A tiny insect can cause a lot of damage to a home, including damaging the structure beyond repair. If you suspect, or you would like to have your home inspected for termites, don’t wait until the problem increases or is noticeable, call a professional today and avoid those costly expenses in the future.

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