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Facts About Ants You May Not Know

Since the time you were a tiny child you have probably been aware of ants. These fascinating little creatures crawl anywhere and everywhere, constantly scavenging for food. If you were bitten by one of these insects your fascination probably transformed into disdain.

Now as an adult you largely find ants to be a nuisance. They are constantly popping up around your yard or at work and getting into things. They are one of the tiny scavengers on the planet that continue the breaking-down-of-matter process that Earth has been host to for billions of years.

Our job at Sunstate Pest Control in Brevard County is to keep ants away from your home. And for good reason. Besides the biting red ants being able to physically injure you, many other varieties of ant can damage your property. This means your home and lawn. They burrow in the ground and in the walls of your house and over time their activities help destroy the materials from which your home is made.

Some quick facts about ants:

  • Ants don’t have lungs. They have tiny portals on their sides called spiracles. As they move, air passes through theses opening and oxygenate the ants body.
  • In many colonies, the males and the queen are winged and the other females are workers.
  • Ants sleep only 8 minutes every 12 hours.
  • Ants don’t have red blood but a liquid called haemolymph which serves a similar function.

If you are further curious as to how ants operate or want to learn about the quite amazing nature of their colonies, check out this documentary made by the BBC and David Attenborough. It is really quite good.

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