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ways pests get inside your home

Five Ways in Which Pests are Attacking Your Home

We all know that feeling of moving into a brand new home or a used home which is spotless and has passed all the inspections. It is a great feeling knowing that the inside of your home and its structure are safe and clear of pests. But the truth is unless you start battling the pests from day one, they will make their way into your home.

In this article we would like to explore how pests come to call your home theirs. These are some of the more common ways they attack, many of which you already know but some you may have never considered.

I. Home Gutter

Your home gutter is a useful tool to guide rainwater and debris down a pipe and into a designated spot. But the drawback to gutters is that unless they are maintained regularly, they can become a breeding ground for pests. Mosquitoes and all types of other bugs will breed in gutters full of debris. It is important to keep these gutters as clear as possible.

II. Dryer Vent

People don’t often think of their dryer vent as a way pests can get in. Its sealed off right!? Not always. Over time, tiny holes appear in the plastics which carry the hot air out. These tiny holes will be exploited by tiny bugs and they will get inside your home. It is a good idea to inspect this piping every year and replace it at the first sign of damage.

III. Foundation

The foundation is everything. That statement applies to so many things: businesses, schools, education and of course housing. If there are weak points in a structure, unwanted creatures will make their way in. Keeping the slab watertight and the wood termite-free is in your best interest.

IV. Wires

Sometimes the area of the house where wires enter the home can become degraded and end up serving as a pathway for unwanted pests. This is especially true after work is done on that wiring or if a home becomes older. Natural decay may wear the area around the wires down. Its best to pay attention to this area of the home and make sure you have a good seal there.

V. Decking

Your outdoor deck can become a breeding ground for pests. First and foremost, untreated wood will eventually be home to termites. And your home is usually attached or right near the deck. So, it is a good idea to have the deck treated for termites as well and makes sure brush doesn’t collect under the structure.


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