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Fleas: A Pet Owners Worst Enemy

We love our pets. Our cats and dogs are family members. So to watch them scratch and bite himself or herself because of a flea problem is aggravating. Flea bites itch and cause skin irritation. Sometimes if a pet is allergic, it can be a serious medical problem. A pet owner can spend hundreds of dollars to help their pets with the problem. So what can be done about this nuisance?

First, be careful about using products that can be poisonous to your pets. Do some research before purchasing flea powders and flea collars containing poisonous chemicals.  Some of these products have been known to cause seizures and even death in pets.

The first flea preventative is to maintain your pet’s skin. This means a healthy diet, including fresh, whole and raw foods, essential for a healthy coat and good digestion. Fleas prey on animals with non-healthy skin and hair. This is the first step in flea control.

The second step is a fine-toothed flea comb to comb your pets with. Keep a bowl of soapy water available to dip the comb in when catching fleas.

Third is to vacuum rugs and carpets frequently and launder pet’s beds often. This will help to control fleas in the home.

Dichotomous earth is a powder that can be applied to carpets to eliminate fleas. This is harmless unless inhaled so remove pets when applying. Let it sit for a few hours and then vacuum.  Be sure to wear a protective mask when applying. This can be purchased at any home improvement or pet store.

Products that contain nematodes, a microscopic organism that will eat flea larvae can be applied to the lawn. Look for products such as Interrupt, which contains nematodes. These are safe and environmentally friendly.

A gentle herbal shampoo can also be helpful with flea control. Shampoo your pet once a week with the herbal shampoo but be careful not to do it to often as you do not want to dry out your pet’s skin.

Fleas can be a real problem, especially in warm climates. They are a multi million-dollar pest that has confounded pet owners for decades. But by applying these treatment and prevention methods, you can make fleas as minor an issue as possible.  Your pets are a part of your family. You want to do whatever it takes to ease their suffering from fleas.

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15 May

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