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Flea bites - dangerous

Fleas and the Havoc They Wreak

We have all had experience with fleas at some point in our lives. Even if you have never had them in your own home, you have been to a friend’s or relative’s home where they had fleas. This is because this pest is so resilient and invasive.

Fleas hitch rides on pets and can even enter the home in packages or house plants you bring in. Their goal is to get inside and set up shop. A single female flea can create up to 50 new fleas per day and will create 2000 new fleas in her relatively short 100-day lifetime.

Fleas are a blood-sucking parasite. They will bite any warm-blooded animal. Unfortunately this includes humans. A small flea bite will create an itchy spot that is red and irritated. A large flee bite can hurt as much as a bee sting. It is truly a miserable experience.

Fleas get around by jumping. They can jump up to 150 times their own body length. It truly is an amazing feat if you think about it. Imagine if a human could jump 150 times their body length. We would be hitting our head on airplanes.

A fleabite can induce anemia to its host. Fleas can also transfer tapeworm. Fleas can also introduce the bacterial disease murine typhus to humans. So, a flea infestation is much more serious than just the annoying and painful bites.

What Can be Done About Fleas

Of course, if you have pets, a flea collar is a must. These help keep the fleas at bay. There are powders you can use in carpet that will kill fleas. Keeping your pet nice and clean is a good idea. There are flea shampoos if you spot a flea on your pet.

Keeping doors closed is a good idea. Even a screen door will help prevent fleas from making entrance. Many people call us after they have tried all of the over-the-counter solutions. A professional pest control company can knock out your flea troubles in no time. And the estimate is free.

In today’s day and age there really is no excuse to endure a flea infestation. It can be dealt with and resolved in just a day or two.


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