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pests in Brevard County Florida

Florida’s Many Pests

Yes, it is true. Florida has a lot of different kinds of bugs. We have bugs that fly, crawl, swim and do just about any other thing you can imagine. And due to our climate, our bugs don’t die off in the winter, they thrive all year around. Yes, pest control is a business that never has a slow period. No matter what time of year, there is someone who needs us. And we are there.

Whether you have an infestation of ants or you have spiders spinning webs in every corner of your house, we can help you. Bugs are not fun and worse, they can carry diseases. Some, like the Black Widow, are even poisonous. But you don’t have to worry because as pest control professionals based in Melbourne, Florida, we know our bugs. We can identify what you have, many times, without even seeing it. We can tell from the droppings that you may have not even noticed the type of web a spider spins down to the type of ant that is living in that annoying ant hill.

The place where many homeowners fail when they try to get rid of the bugs themselves is that they don’t take the time to identify just which ant or what species of spider has taken up residence on your property. If you don’t know the type of bug it is you can’t purchase the correct insecticide to kill it. You may also go about it entirely the wrong way and make the problem worse.

For example, if you have fire ants and you decide to get rid of them with insecticide that goes on the mound, what you might not realize is that the insecticide only works on direct contact. If you don’t get the queen ant the colony survives.  Do you know how to apply the mound insecticide properly so that it definitely gets the queen? Probably not, but a pest control professional does. They can also verify that they have gotten the queen and can move on to the next mound.  If you don’t get them all you won’t end the problem.

A pest control specialist can also tell you if your problem would be better handled with an all-encompassing solution instead of a mound to mound solution, which can get expensive depending on the number of mounds you have. Call a pest control specialist if you live in Brevard County. Leave the exterminating to the experts.

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