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Getting rid of fleas

With the advent of warmer weather, people and their pets are getting outside more than they did in the winter.  Although this usually means fun in the sun, it’s also the time that a flea infestation can become quite visible.  But don’t let fleas get you down this summer – take some preventative measures to keep the fleas away from Fido!

Fleas are definitely a nuisance. They are parasites that suck blood out of your pet, causing them to scratch uncontrollably.  This upsets their sleeping pattern, their eating pattern and can even cause an infection in the open wounds.  Some pets are even allergic to fleas, which means they can experience an extreme reaction or lethargy if bit.

Since fleas usually end up on your pet dog or cat, it’s best to make sure the pet gets his flea prevention treatment.  You can use collars, drops or even powder on your pet.  Make sure to purchase a product that kills the fleas and the eggs that might be present in the fur.  If you already see fleas on your pet, purchase a flea comb and some Dawn dishwashing soap.  Wash your pet with Dawn and comb their hair thoroughly, making sure to get in all the nooks and crannies.

As for the house, it’s important to keep the carpets vacuumed.  If you think you might have fleas in the house, you can purchase some flea powder that is safe to use on carpets.  Make sure to vacuum well and get all the corners well.  When complete, throw the vacuum bag away or dispose of the debris far away from the house.

Wash clothing, bedding, towels and rugs well in hot water.  You may have to repeat this step multiple times.

Don’t forget to treat the outdoors!  To see if you have a flea problem in your yard, put on some white knee socks and slowly walk around the yard.  If there are fleas, you will be able to see them against the white socks you’re wearing.  If you find you have a flea problem, you can certainly find over the counter solutions that you apply yourself.

Taking care of fleas can be a daunting task.  It can sometimes take 90 days to fully get rid of a flea problem.  This means vacuuming, washing, cleaning and combing just about every day until there is no evidence of flea problems.  However, you can also contact a professional to get targeted, effective treatment that may work much faster than the 90 days a do-it-yourself option could take.

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