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Getting Rid of Geckos

The Gecko is a lizard that is found in most warm climates throughout the world. They have been made exceptionally popular by the insurance company Geico. They picked this lizard as their mascot because the words sound so similar. GEICO is actually an acronym for Government Employees Insurance Company. It used to only be available to government employees.

Anyway, many people seem to think these lizards are cute and like having them around to battle the insects. Other people don’t like them for any one of a myriad of reasons. Most commonly, geckos will leave a mess where they live. And if they live in your carport or garage, the mess can get nasty.

Geckos leave behind a lot of droppings. Their droppings all look similar. Its dark with a white tip. Nobody wants a carport full of gecko droppings. So we created this blog on a few ways to repel or eliminate them if they are a pest to you.

  1. Leave egg shells in the area. If you leave a cracked eggshell split open near where they live, they may think it is a large predator animal and vacate the premises. The problem with this solution is who wants egg shells laying around the place?
  2. Mothballs seem to do a good job of eliminating the geckos. Drop a few of them in the area where the lizard lives and this will usually keep them from returning.
  3. Store bought sticky traps. These sticky traps will ensnare the gecko and you can get rid of them that way.
  4. Tobacco and coffee ball (Pictured). This method is where you can take coffee grounds and mash them together with smoking tobacco. You can use some water to make them stick. The gecko will eat this and die.
  5. Call Sunstate Pest to evaluate the infestation and give you the best treatment available.
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