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Ghost ants in Brevard County

Ghost Ants in Florida

Have you heard of ghost ants? No, these are not spirits of deceased ants. This ant gets its nickname from the fact that half of its body is translucent. The ant appears to be an apparition. Its real name is Tapinoma melanocephalum (Fabricus). They are originally from Africa or Asia and are not native to Florida. In the United States ghost ants are typically only found in Hawaii and Central and South Florida. This is because it can only survive in a tropical climate.

Ghost ants feed on sweet foods. They prefer fruit. They can be found in your kitchen looking for tiny scraps of food. Just a few grains of sugar is enough to invite a hoard of ghost ants.

Ghost ants do not sting. They do not bite or hurt humans. The damage done by ghost ants is in structures of buildings. They nest in hollow spots in trees and within housing walls. They can be a real nuisance. They also give off an odor that can be annoying. If you have ghost ants in your home or office it is a good idea to give pest control a call to take care of the problem.

Ghost Ant Prevention

These ants usually get to your home by way of tree or bush that is touching the structure. They will then find tiny cracks in the structure or get in through an open window or door. It is a good idea to keep bushes and trees trimmed away from your home.

Ghost Ant Treatment

Modern pest control applications work well against ghost ants. Usually it takes a few treatments and your problem can go away for a long time. There are over-the-counter treatments but we have received feedback from our clients who have found these to be largely ineffective.

So, if you see a spooky little half-an-ant walking around your home then you probably want to get on the phone with a  licensed professional and get it taken care of ASAP. The problem will not resolve itself. Who You Gonna Call? Ghost Ant Busters.

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