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Great Mosquito Repellent

We have written plenty of articles about keeping away bugs and mosquitoes in particular. We’ve all been there: enjoying your time outside with friends and family then you feel a painful bite from a mosquito. It can really ruin your fun.

There are a plethora of mosquito and bug repellents on the market today. Many contain a man made chemical repellent while many others contain all-natural ingredients. We all prefer the all-natural approach but most people have found the chemical solutions to be more effective.

I was at a friends house recently for a birthday party. We played outdoor games and had a swim in their pool. It wasn’t long before the mosquitoes began to swarm. It wasn’t long after they began to attack that my friend mentioned he had an effective new spray that his mother-in-law gave to him and his wife.

I briefly read it and it said it was an all-natural cedar oil based product. I went ahead and sprayed it on. I wasn’t bothered by mosquitoes for the rest of the evening. And it must be stressed that this is Florida, mid-summer, by an open body of natural water (pond), on a hot afternoon, aka, primetime for mosquitoes.

The product worked so well that I ordered some myself and also wanted to share it on this blog. We are not being paid to share this product. We do not have stock in the company. We just want to share an effective product that is good at repelling mosquitoes.

The product is called “Naturally Green – No More Bugs!”

You can buy it on Amazon or directly from their website. They even have a spray for the dreaded love bugs!!

I found that once applied, I didn’t need to spray it on me over and over again. One application was enough. And it does not have deet, so I didn’t feel the desire to wash it off as soon as possible.

It did not have fumes. It actually smelled quite pleasant, although, I would suggest holding your breath and closing your eyes when administered to your upper body.

When it comes to fending off painful mosquito bites that may end up causing infection or transmission of some very nasty diseases, we will try just about anything. Luckily, there are some very good natural based products on the market that keep mosquitoes off.

20 Aug

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