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Houseflies in Central Florida

Central Florida is the home of many pests and one of them is the housefly. These insects can live comfortably among humans and all types of animals. One of the most common species among houseflies in central Florida is the “wild house fly.” They thrive in almost all environments and as a result their population has swelled to a nearly uncontrollable number. As a result innovative and drastic pest control techniques are used to combat these flying insects.

Flies pose a threat because they are an effective carrier of diseases, bacteria and all sorts of pathogens. These can be carried and passed on to other animals and humans. As a result of this transfer of pathogens, many dangerous diseases and all forms of contaminations are spread via houseflies. Regular pest control in and around your property can help reduce the population of flies and will ensure that no epidemic erupts in central Florida.

A normal housefly can be found around your home enjoying pet feces, dirty water, uncovered food, meat and any sort of contaminated and filthy environment. They carry the germs obtained from their dirty stomping grounds and hop on to your food, on fresh fruits and vegetables displayed in markets and even on raw meat in butcher shops.

When people do not cover their food well, or do not cook their food completely they put themselves at risk. Without washing their raw fruits, vegetables, meat, fish etc., bacteria from flies remains alive and these pathogens can wreak havocs on humans. Some of the diseases a common housefly is capable of spreading in central Florida are tuberculosis, typhoid, diarrhea, parasitic worms, and food poisoning just to name a few.

Some of the pest control techniques used can be detailed as:

Traps or Baits:

These are excellent methods used by households to get rid of flies. In central Florida, some interesting traps like the fly traps, spot cards and many colored sticky ribbons or bands are used to catch the housefly. These traps are placed in the probable resting hideouts of the pests, and in a time period of 2 to 3 days, a few flies can be easily cornered and destroyed. Ultra violet traps, sugar traps, and the fly net traps are also preferred methods of pest control in central Florida.

This method is particularly effective in areas like kitchens, hospitals, hotels, animal farming environments and your child’s favorite play area where the use of insecticides is out of the question.


As each new fly is born, it is true that the pest becomes more immune to the existing insecticides available on the market. So we have to try harder and at Sunstate Pest Management we work tirelessly to stay abreast of the best new products and developments which can help keep your home and family safe and disease-free.

Look out for breeding areas or humid areas around your residence and if you aren’t sure give us a call and we can walk your property with you to point out what to look for. On farms, the manure pit is the best place to look for flies. Attack the larvae and the adult flies directly in these areas with insecticides. Such attacks can kill a lot of houseflies at one go and also reduce or distort the breeding procedure for a few months at the peak of the central Florida fly season.

Stay vigilant. A constant monitoring should be done to check the fly population on your property and this can be enforced by ensuring all your garbage is kept in closed containers, no open drains are left unattended, etc. Pest control in central Florida is as much about prevention as it is about elimination. If we take a bit more care of our present the future generation can be free from a lot of diseases spread by flies.

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