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Houseflies: Keep Them from Buzzing Around

In a warm climate such as Brevard County, there really never is a winter season to kill off things such as houseflies. This means that these pests just keep flying around, reproducing and making pests of themselves all year round.
Here are some things you can to do help keep the houseflies out of your home or business. While you will never eliminate the houseflies from the Melbourne, Florida area entirely, you can certainly reduce their numbers in the place where you live and work.

Watch the Door
It seems obvious, but so many people neglect it that it just has to be mentioned: don’t leave the doors or windows sitting open. It only takes a few minutes of an open door or window to find yourself with swarms of flies buzzing around.

Closely inspect your screens to ensure that there are no rips or tears. A screen with a hole in it is little better than no screen at all. If you keep your screens in good repair, and make sure to close the door behind you, you’ll go a long ways towards keeping houseflies out of your home or business.

Don’t Kill that Spider!
While many people don’t like spiders, they do serve a vital purpose. Spiders catch and eat houseflies, mosquitoes, and other pests at an astonishing rate. While you may not want to have a spider setting up shop inside the house itself—although if you can tolerate it, it would actually help you—there certainly is something to be said for those webslingers that construct their nests just above your door. These strategically-placed webs catch many of those flies that cause you the most trouble—the ones buzzing straight towards your door.

So, leave the spiders alone, and they will leave you alone. Except for the few species of poisonous spiders, they are harmless to people anyway.

Use Flypaper
While flypaper may look horrendous, having all those flies stuck on the paper is much better than having them buzzing around you. Consider hanging up a few rolls of flypaper in strategic areas around the house or office. There are even some types that are available with scents or pheromones on them—undetectable to you, but very attractive to a housefly. These can help cut down on the housefly population in your home or office.

Follow these tips, and you’ll find that there aren’t nearly as many flies bothering you. You’ll never get rid of them entirely, but you can keep their numbers at a tolerable level.

03 Aug

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