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How Bedbugs Might Arrive in your Central Florida Home

Bedbugs are tiny thin or flat-bodied insects that cannot fly but can crawl very fast. These creatures are dark brown in color and can grow quickly upon eating. Their main food source is, well, YOU! They drink blood from humans and other animals. A lot of these bugs have been noticed in central Florida for quite a few years. The idea of bugs feasting on you in your sleep is enough to drive people batty so it’s wise to hire a professional to leverage powerful pest control measures to drive these insects from your home for good.

Since you have an idea about how bed bugs look; it is time to search for them. They can never be seen out in the open and so you have to go to their den. You can find these vampires under mattresses, in cracks in the walls or cupboards, on cushions, and packing boxes or suitcases. Try to search for them at night, because that is when they are active.

How Did They Get Here?
You must be wondering how these nasty creatures ever came into your home. After all you keep a tidy house. Well ask yourself two questions:

Did you go for a trip recently and stay in a hotel room?

Is your child going to college and have they come home recently?

If you answered yes to either of these questions that’s probably how bedbugs arrived in your central Florida home. Pest control services in central Florida always advise to check the following:

• These insects mostly breed in congested, messy and damp places. So, if you hike a lot, then you are sure to put you bags in dirty places. These bugs can crawl fast into any small spaces and hold on tight till you reach another destination and put down the bag. Check your bag pockets thoroughly before re-entering your house.
• Bedbugs love untidy and soft environments like mattresses. So, if you recently visited any hotel in central Florida or any other location during a trip that could certainly be the source of bedbugs. Whenever, you visit a hotel, it’s a good idea to lift the mattress up a bit. If you see fecal matter, dirt, dust or dead bugs then that mattress is surely infested with bed bugs. If this happens, you need to request another room (or find a new hotel) immediately.
• Another common possibility is when your child stays in hostels or dorms. Once you child comes home, tell them to close all the zippers of their bags and keep their suitcase outside the bedroom or living room. Do a detailed scanning of each and every item that comes out of the bag. If you suspect bedbugs then you should boil water and put it in a big bucket. Put a strong cleaning liquid or washing powder in the water. Immerse all the clothes and the bag also into the hot water. Soak for a few hours and then clean them. An alternative is to take a large plastic, air-tight bag and wrap their luggage in it for a few hours. This will suffocate them.

Another easy pest control option preferred in central Florida is to vacuum the whole house on a regular basis. It will keep your house free from bedbugs and also clean the house.

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