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Prevent pests at your trash can

How Can I Pest Proof My Trash Can?

If you live in Florida, you will face a pest problem at some time in your life. Whether it be an infestation of ants, roaches, fleas, mites, or any number of rodent varieties, you will have your work cut out for you getting rid of them.

Prevention is always the best way to deal with any problem. But that is the problem with prevention, it needs to happen before the problem occurs and most people just simply aren’t thinking that far ahead.

One major attraction for pests such as flies, roaches, ants and racoons is your outdoor trash can. This is the large bin that you store your trash in and roll out to the corner on trash day. Luckily, in Brevard County we have two trash days. This helps cut down on the smells emanating from the can. But there are other steps you can take to prevent pests from becoming interested in your trash can.

Number One: Tie and seal the smaller house bags very well before putting them into the larger receptacle. If there is a big bubble of air trapped in your little bag after you tie it off this is a good thing. This means its airtight. These little bags leaking are the number one reason your larger can will start to get icky and attract pests.

Number Two: Regularly clean your large trash can. Its a good idea to give the can a good rinse after the trash man empties it. Don’t be afraid to use the pressure nozzle and really get in there. Tip it upside down and make sure it is fully drained because any left-over water can attract pests as well.

Number Three: Make Sure the Lid is Secure. If the lid is all the way down while it is sitting outside, there is less of a chance of infestation. If there is anything blocking it from closing, rearrange things until you can get the lid to close firmly.

Number Four: Spray Ammonia. Roaches as well as larger pests like “trash pandas” aka racoons hate the smell of ammonia. It is too powerful for their sensors and they stay away. You can keep spray ammonia on hand and spray inside the can every once in a while.

Number Five: Distance. Its a good idea to keep the trash can away from the entrances of the home. In fact, the farther the better. The closer they are the more the chance that a pest may wonder over into your home and set up shop.

We hope these tips will help you prevent insect or rodent infestations which may occur because of your trash can. If you do end up getting a pest problem and live in Brevard County, please free to give us a shout. We will come check it out for free.


26 Feb

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