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How Do You Get Rid of Fleas?

Fleas are pesky and it seems like once you have them in your house you can’t get rid of them. No matter where you sit, there’s a flea jumping on you. Flea infestations are bad and they are hard to control. It frequently helps to understand the flea; its habits, habitat and life cycle. It makes it easier to wage war with them when they invade your home.

Pest control companies in Melbourne, Florida can help you with your flea infestation but we can’t do it alone. Without the cooperation of the homeowner, we will be back again and again. That’s why to wage a successful campaign against fleas, we suggest that you do a few things before your appointment with us.

First and probably the most important thing to do is to get your dog a flea treatment and a flea repellant. There is no point in killing the fleas in your home if the pet keeps bringing them in. It’s is a waste of money for you and it doesn’t solve the problem. It also helps to know something about fleas.

So first, the adult flea lives its whole life on your pet. When the eggs hatch, they fall from the pet’s fur into the carpet, couches, chairs; wherever your pet sits or sleeps. A single flea can produce thousands of eggs in its lifetime, 100 at a time.

The eggs hatch into larvae within about 1 – 10 days. The larvae feed on material in the environment that’s organic and also on adult flea droppings. After 5 – 11 days the last leg of the life cycle begins; the pupa stage. At this point the larva is in a cocoon and the cocoon is impenetrable to insecticides. Once it hatches it looks for a host of its own, and within two days of having its first meal it starts hatching eggs.

Fleas are not just annoying to your pet they can cause your et severe skin problems. They can also transmit diseases to humans such as cat scratch fever and bubonic plague.

Don’t despair, however, because now you know the last stage you can allow their existence. This can help you formulate of plan of regular vacuuming of the areas your pet frequents the most. Perhaps if your home allows, confine the pet to areas that have no carpeting to make it more difficult for the fleas to hide. Above all, call for pest control as soon as you have that flea repellant on your animal.

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