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Pests in your vehicle

How to Get Rid of Pests in Your Vehicle

It may seem strange for some, but people often have pest problems in their vehicle. Pests are often attracted to places that conceal them as well as provide warmth. And the stray French fry or two is even more incentive for pests to call your vehicle their home. Many times, the larger the vehicle, the more prone to pest infestation they are. If you have an RV or camper, you have more space to protect from pests.

Larger pests can crawl up into your engine compartment. They don’t understand how dangerous the belts and fan blade are. They simply see a cozy nook in which to hide. If you believe there may be a rodent or other animal in your engine compartment, bang on the hood of your vehicle to scare them out. Your belts and blades are subject to damage if you start the vehicle with them in there.

So, how do you get rid of pests, both large and small, which may be taking up residence in your vehicle? First you need to identify what type of pests are living there. Do you see spiders, ants, roaches? Do you see animal droppings or smell urine?

If your problem is of the rodent classification, you will want to give the vehicle a good cleaning. You can then place cotton balls soaked in essential oils throughout the car. You can also sprinkle cayenne pepper in the car. Strong smells usually repel these types of pests.

Insects like spiders and roaches dislike the smell peppermint and citrus oil. You can try placing these smells around your vehicle and see if this helps drive them out.

Bed bugs can infest your vehicle as well, especially an RV or camper. Some people use foggers in situations like this but you can actually give your local pest control company a call and they can inspect it for you, usually free of charge.

Whatever your pest problem may be, a good pest control company will have solutions. Pest control is very affordable and the time and effort you save calling a professional is worth every penny.


18 Jun

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