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How to Keep Pests out of Your Home

One thing we all dread is finding that one mouse or that one cockroach.  We know if we can see one, there are many more hiding.  So, off we go grabbing that can of pesticide or calling our local pest control specialist.  Those things might be necessary at this point, but did you know there are things you can do to minimize these pests from entering your home in the first place?

The number one thing to do to keep pests away from your home is to trim plants away from the foundation of your home and keep the mulch away also.  Too many people think to landscape their house, they need to have plants right up against the house.  And then they put the mulch all around the plants.  Guess what?  People think it’s attractive and so do those unwanted pests.  You have just made it easy for them to get up close and personal with your house.

Next, you should check for gaps and cracks around your windows.  Pests have the ability to wiggle their way through these tiny cracks and make themselves at home in your home.  Don’t forget to inspect your screens.  Tiny rips also give pests an easy way in.

An obvious way to keep pests at bay is to minimize the trash and litter around your yard.  Trash and litter will attract bugs for sure, but also larger pests like skunks, raccoons, rats and other vermin.  Keep your yard clean.  Place garbage in closed containers that are difficult for animals to open.

One area of your home that you might not think about when trying to keep pests away is your drains.  The gunk that builds up has a tendency to attract insects, particularly flies.  Just keeping the drains clean can make a huge difference in the amount of pests in your home.

And last, but not least, is storing food away appropriately.  Don’t leave the flour bag open in the cupboard. Don’t leave cereal or cookies and crackers unsealed.  This is just an invite to rodents and cockroaches to “come and get it”.  Put these types of open foods in airtight containers.  Also remember to clean your counters, especially under countertop appliances.  Have you ever moved your toaster and seen the massive amount of crumbs left behind?  So have the mice.

These tips should help keep pests away.  But if you already have them in your home, call a professional for help before the problem worsens.

08 Feb

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