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sticky bug traps - are they effective?

How to Stop the Occasional Creepy Crawly from Getting Into Your Home

You may rarely see bugs, insects, arachnids or other creepy crawlies in your home. You may think to your “hey, I do a pretty good job of keeping my home pest free”. Then one night as you sleep you feel something crawling on you. You jump up, turn on the light and there is a spider.

This happens to Floridians al the time. Its not exactly an infestation so you feel that calling pest control may be an overreaction. Its only the occasional bug that gets in, right? Well you may be surprised to know that a lot more insects and spiders get into your home than the ones you see. They are very adept at going being undetected. They realize there is a large animal (or several) living in the house and they would rather stay hidden. They are there to look around for water and anything they can eat.

So, what can you do to fight this menace? Here are a couple of great solutions:

  1. You will want to make sure any cracks around the home are sealed.
  2. Make sure your screen doors and windows are newer or in good shape so that bugs cant crawl through the gaps of damaged screen material.
  3. This is my favorite one. Buy sticky bug traps. These bug traps are usually made of plastic or cardboards and can be places in the corners of your home. Bugs walk in them but never walk out. Even the cleanest and most pest-proof homes will have a handful of pretty large ugly spiders and insects in these traps after just a few months.

There are literally trillions of bugs on planet Earth. They outnumber humans 200 million to 1 so its not a fair fight. But you can do your part to keep them at bay.

If you see bugs or other pests on a more regular basis, it may be worth scheduling an appointment with a licensed pest control agent.

18 Sep

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