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How to Stop Those Annoying Fruit Flies

We have all had them, those annoying tiny flies that show up one day and seem to be everywhere. And they are next to impossible to swat. The dreaded fruit fly has made its way into your home and now you are doing battle with them. I say ‘them’ because by the time you see one, there are surely many more on the way.

The fruit fly hitched its way into your home on a piece of fruit, a vegetable or even in a bag of sugar. So, what can you do to prevent this pest?

  1. Wash fruit as soon as you get it home. And I mean a good scrubbing. This includes bananas.
  2. Store sugar in the freezer. This cold temp will make sure nothing hatches from it.
  3. Make sure all doors and windows are screened it. Sometimes these pests make their way into the home from discarded fruit or fruit trees near one’s home.

In recent news, scientists claim that they have figured out why the fruit fly is so hard to swat. I’ll give you a hint: Its because they are faster than you. But not in the way you might think.

The study shows that fruit flies see everything is super slow motion. When you just begin to move your arm to swat at the fly, it already notices this and starts making evasive maneuvers. It basically sees everything like “NEO” in The “Matrix” when he was able to slow down time and evade the bullets fired from “Agent Smith”. Who doesn’t like a 20 year old movie reference?!

The same scientists have even created virtual reality videos of how the fly seeks food and mates. The purpose of all this is to better understand the pest and to eventually use this information to help eliminate it from annoying humans.

19 May

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