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Termite pest control Brevard County FL

How You May Be Accidently Attracting Termites

Termites are a big deal in the pest world. Homeowners spend in excess of $5B to keep this insect out of their homes and for good reason. The damage a termite causes can dramatically decrease the value of a home. Imagine going to sell your home and you are getting offers that are 30% less than what you expected all due to termite damage. It happens all the time.

There are some things you might be doing that are attracting termites around your home. And they will eventually make their way into the wood framing or foundation of your home. The most important thing I can recommend is to get professional termite treatment for your home. I cannot stress the overall importance of this.

Main Types of Termites Found in FLA

  • Eastern Subterranean Termites.
  • Florida Dampwood Termites.
  • Formosan Subterranean Termites.
  • Powderpost Drywood Termites.

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Things You May Be Doing to Attract Termites

Piles of Wood

In Florida, it still gets cold for part of the year. Many houses in Florida have a fireplace, although they are not nearly as common as houses in the north. Piles of wood outside a home are a big neon sign to termites. You can secure the pile of wood with a nice tight tarp. Also, keep the pile at least 20 feet away from your home.

Tree Limbs and Leaves

If you have limbs and leaves brushing against your house, then termites will use these as a walkway to your home. Make sure to cut back branches so that the tree isn’t physically coming into contact with your house.


Mulch is a nice landscaping technique and looks good aesthetically. But the moist mulch is a food source for termites. It is recommended that you keep your mulch at least a foot and a half from your home’s foundation.

Clogged Gutters

If your gutters clog with leaves and twigs, these are delicious snacks for termites. After they are done snacking they will be looking for the main course, aka your house. Keep gutters clean and clear of debris.

We hope these tips help keep termites at bay. They are very veracious and plentiful insect. The pest control world is constantly at war with them to prevent property damage. Call your pest control specialist today to get full termite protection.

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