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Identify Stinging Insects

There are many types of stinging insects on this planet. In this article we will specifically be discussing flying stinging insects which people generally refer to as “wasps, bees and hornets”.

There is a huge dichotomy when it comes to the stinging flying insects. Some, honey bees & bumble bees, are actually very necessary for plant pollination and are beneficial to the human ecosystem. Others, such as wasps, hornets, or yellow jackets, are very aggressive and are generally considered a nuisance (and sometime deadly) to humans.

Bees generally feed on plant nectar. They are only interested in flowers and maintaining their hive. If they are put in a very dangerous position, they can and will sting. The bee will usually die once it has used its stinger.

Usually, if you don’t bother a bee, it won’t bother you. That is the rule of thumb. Hornets, yellow jackets and wasps, on the other hand, will attack if you stumble onto the area they inhabit.

The hornet, yellow jacket and wasp end of the stinging/flying insect spectrum are aggressive and they eat other insects. They tend to get in the way of humankind. Anyone who works outdoors has had their run-ins with these nasty creatures.

You want to avoid these stinging insects at all cost and call a professional to deal with the removal of them. They can leave a scent on you instructing the swarm to attack relentlessly. Humans have died as a result of this.

What to avoid:

Yellow Jackets -Usually have nests in the ground. If you see flying insects coming in and out of a hole in the ground, avoid it.


They also have huge mounds deep in the woods and can take over old broken down vehicles in the yard.

This pest is very dangerous and should not be confronted without a professional.

wasp nestWasps – Usually have “grey paper” looking nests and built them on under-hangs. Some can be found on trees.

Car ports, garages and shaded patio areas are also a favorite place for these pests to set up shop.

If you see a nest near your home and decide to spray it, make sure you have someone with you.

Hornets – Large round nest found on under-hangs or in trees. There are many hornets in these nests and these are by far the most dangerous of the flying/stinging insects mentioned above.

Steer clear of these nests.



images courtesy of :, terminix , & Rescue bug blog

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