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Identifying and Controlling Maggots in Central Florida

Maggots are nothing but the larvae of any fly. From the time flies are born they are nuisances and unfortunately flies breed quickly and thrive in almost all climatic conditions. In central Florida especially maggots thrive thanks to the heat and humidity and property owners should be vigilant to stem the uprising problem. Responsible, proactive pest control measures can help eliminate maggots and cut down on the fly population in and around your home.

A few of the most common pest control techniques used in Central Florida are:

Bleach: This is the normal bleach that you use in your home. Make a mixture of one part bleach and an equal part of water. Mix thoroughly and when you come upon a cluster of maggots toss it on them and they’ll be dead in minutes. Cleanup is messy, but your enemy is destroyed and you can expect a reduction in the number of flies bothering you during summer barbeques.

Lime: This is a fantastic, natural method of pest control. Locate the maggots and drop the lime on top of them. Make sure to put on gloves and also a facemask, as it has a burning property.  Lime also provides immediate results, as it absorbs all the moisture content in their bodies and surrounding areas. This leaves them dehydrated and that will be their cause of death. Many residents in Central Florida also have found the same result while putting salt on maggots.

Lice shampoo: If you have lice shampoos, or dog shampoos that contain an ingredient called permethrin that will do the trick and kill any maggots you come across. Permethrin is an acarida which can be used in minimal quantities on dog hair and even human hair. It usually comes in liquid form. You can pour it directly or you can mix it in some hot water and pour the diluted solution onto the maggots. Both are effective and this will kill the maggots before you realize it.

Fumigators: There are many sprays available on the market today to kill all sorts of pests but some fly larvae have developed a resistance to older chemicals. If you aren’t sure what to use call Sunstate Pest Management for advice and we’ll point you in the right direction. Once you find the hiding place of these maggots, start spraying until the area is filled with fumes. Immediately close that area with some plastic sheets or throw away cloth. This will suffocate the maggots and they’ll soon be dead.

Insecticide based earth: There are special types of earth mixed with loads of insecticides and Sunstate Pest Management also offers a range of lawn treatment options which is an effective pest control measure sure to eliminate maggots and flies in the short term and long term. If you opt for the DIY route you can find these mixtures in any store that specializes in gardening products. Wear your gloves, and spread handfuls of soil mixture over the maggots or in moist garden beds/lawn sections in early spring. Be aware that swallowing this soil can be fatal to pets and small children – if you’re unsure about lawn treatment please consult an experienced pest control company – we have a range of products that are both safe and effective.

By far the easiest route to control maggots, flies or any other pest on your property is to hire Sunstate Pest Management either as a consultant or to do the dirty work for you. Central Florida is besieged every year by maggots and other invasive insects. Taking effective pest control measures is the best way to keep you and your family safe.

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